Flower Tattoos

Introduction to Flower Tattoos

Today, more and more people are choosing to get themselves tattooed. In fact, body art and its connotations are becoming increasingly accepted by modern society. While the designs available for a tattoo are endless, some common trends do exist. For example, many females (and some males) choose to get flower tattoos on their body.


Flower tattoos are well liked for a variety of reasons. First, they are extremely easy to customize. Flower tattoos come in an infinite variety of colors and styles. They also look great when done in black ink or grayscale. You can either choose a specific breed of flower for your artwork, or create a generic or abstract variation on the flower theme. Flowers can also be produced in any size or design to fit various locations on the body. These blooms are also easy to combine with other tattoo themes, like names, birds, and butterflies.

For most people who get a flower tattoo, the body art possesses some deeper meaning. Traditionally, flowers in general are symbols of feminine beauty. They have also come to signify personal growth and the “blooming” of an individual’s maturity. Specific flowers also have their own connotations. In many cultures, the red rose is a symbol of romantic love. Meanwhile, white roses signify innocence. The lotus flower, another popular choice for tattoos, stands for purity in Western culture, but also demonstrates spiritual awakening in Eastern traditions. Some people also choose just the buds for their tattoo as flower buds show youth, innocence, and potential.

While there is great variety among wearers of flower tattoos, many people who opt for this body art theme are first-timers to the tattoo world. Females, usually young, tend to choose a subtle flower piece for their initial tattoo. However, bolder, larger floral designs are also popular among the tattooed elite. Even some males choose flowers for their body art. Usually, flowers on males are darker colors and less feminine in character. For example, men may choose tribal flower designs, flower and skull designs, or Hawaiian flowers.

Even as tattoos become more creative and unique, artists continue to get innumerable requests for flower body art. Flowers are truly a timeless symbol and continue to be among the most popular tattoo choices. Whether worn alone or with another design, the fact is that flower tattoos are some of the most beautiful designs people display on their bodies.